Traffic Marshall / Banksman Mock Exam


Traffic Marshall Mock Exam

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Which of the following statements best defines a mobile plant?

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Which of the following is the ‘Danger’ or ‘Emergency Stop’ signal?

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In which banksman’s signals are both arms bent with the palms facing upwards and the forearms make slow movements towards the body.

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In which banksman’s signal does the right arm points upwards with the palm facing forward and slowly makes a circle?

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Traffic banksman signals must be

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Who has the main duty to ensure that separate routes are used for vehicles and pedestrians?

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The purpose of a method statement is to

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Which of the following statements is correct?

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A traffic banksman wants to approach a driver so that he can speak with him, he should

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It is important to have safeguards in place to preserve life and prevent injury. This can be best achieved by

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As a traffic banksman you must

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Which of the following is not a risk associated with plant and vehicles?

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A common hazard related to vehicles and mobile plant in the workplace is

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The most dangerous manoeuvre during vehicle operation is

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Which of the following are examples of mobile plants?

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