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In accordance with the 2005 Fire Safety Reform Order

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On the day of the course, we will welcome you promptly at 9 AM.

The Fire Marshall course consists of both theoretical and practical aspects encompassed in the role of a Fire Marshall.

You will also be taught about the ways fire breaks out and spreads within the building and how you can assist with outlining and seeing through various emergency evacuation programs.

At the end of this course, you will be given a certificate and photo ID card that will serve as proof of your certified skills and knowledge as a professional Fire Marshall.

On the day of the course, we will welcome you promptly at 9 AM.

Our Fire Marshall course tutors are excited to share their extensive knowledge of and experience in First Aid, Health and Safety, as well as in Construction and Risk Management. Each one of them has impressive certificates in different areas of Health and Safety, many of them provided by NEBOSH  – the leading Health & Safety Award in the Construction Industry. 

What is more, all our trainers have Level 5 or above teaching qualifications, which is above the level required in the industry. 

On the day of the course, we will welcome you promptly at 9 AM.

At the end of our Fire Marshall course, you will:

  • be able to name the responsibilities of a Fire Marshall
  • know why it is essential to carry out periodic fire alarm exercises
  • understand how fire and smoke disseminate throughout the building
  • have knowledge of all the current fire safety procedures 
  • know what your exact responsibilities are, should fire break out 
  • have learnt how to keep your calm while locating and using the fire fighting equipment
  • be able to identify and demonstrate knowledge of the most frequent causes of fire in a workplace
  • be prepared to help with both simulated and real life situations of emergency evacuations
  • be familiar with and capable of managing the reaction of those caught in a fire situation
  • know to identify and manage the threat of arson

You will be provided with all the necessary books and course materials, that are yours to keep both during and after the training has ended. Although we are proud to be able to offer you these learning means as part of the price you pay for the course, keep in mind that other companies charge an extra cost for it. So, please do check with them to avoid unpleasant surprises.

  1. Is this course accredited?

Yes, it had a CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) accreditation.

  1. Are there any requirements to be able to enrol in this training?

No. You would just need to have a CSCS card.

  1. When are classes held?

Our classes mainly run from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Sunday.

  1. Can I pop in before signing up for a module?

Absolutely. We would love to have you at our office and answer any questions you might have. You can even have a chat with our trainers, should they not be busy delivering classes to other attendees.

  1. What do I do if I can’t visit but do have some questions to ask?

If you can’t come in it doesn’t mean that you can’t still ask as many questions as you need to. Please get in touch with our course administrators by EMAIL/PHONE CALL and they will be more than happy to assist you with your queries.

Cancellations can go both ways, from customers (you) to Cards4Jobs (us) and vice versa.

Cards4Jobs Cancellation

We solemnly promise that under no circumstances are our scheduled courses to be canceled. If, however, the course happens to be cancelled due to events that are out of our control, such as public transport strikes or acts of God, our customers are to receive a full refund or a discounted course transfer that best suits their program.

Customer Cancellation

With Cards4Jobs you will benefit from the most flexible cancellation policy on the market. You will not find another company to look after your interests in case of cancellation as well as ours. You won’t be charged unfair fees for missing the training course due to out of your control circumstances.

In case you deliberately choose to cancel the course, you can do so by phone or e-mail. Our policy is:

You notify us 3 or more days before the course starts and we refund you 100% of what you have paid, no explanation needed. Other companies require a 7 or more days’ notice. But not us!

You notify us 2 days before the course starts and we charge you a 50% cancellation fee or re-book you on a convenient alternative date, with no cancellation fees applied. There’s no other company offering this service. Just us!

You notify us 1 day before the course starts and we charge you a 80% cancellation fee or re-book you on a convenient alternative date, with no cancellation fees applied. Again, you’ll find no other company as flexible as we are.

In the unfortunate case of no notice given before failing to attend on the day of the course, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. If you missing class was due to an unpredicted emergency and you can adequately prove it to us, we will show understanding and discretion and search a convenient alternative to re-book the class or even give you a full refund of what you have paid.

Note: A minimum of £100 is required from the customer when booking a course with us or full payment for courses that cost less than £100. Payments can be made in person, by telephone or by bank transfer.

Start time for course 9am.

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