Level 2 NVQ Diploma in
Formwork (Construction)


As defined within the RQF Qualifications Framework


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Who is the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) qualification for? 

The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) qualification is designed for individuals who work in the construction industry and are involved in the installation of formwork systems, which provide temporary or permanent structures used to support concrete, steel or other building materials during the construction process. This qualification is suitable for those who wish to develop their skills and knowledge of formwork installation and gain a recognised qualification in this field. It is also an ideal qualification for those who have been employed in the construction industry and want to formalise their skills and knowledge through a recognised qualification. The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) provides individuals with the skills, techniques, and knowledge required to become competent in constructing formwork systems for a variety of structures in a safe and efficient manner.

How long does the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) last?

The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) typically lasts from 12 to 18 months. The duration of the course may vary depending on the training provider and the mode of study. The diploma is designed to provide learners with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to work as a formwork specialist in the construction industry. The course covers various topics such as basic principles of formwork, safe working practices, and technical skills in formwork fabrication and installation. Learners will also undertake workplace assessments to demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge. Graduates from the diploma program can pursue a range of careers including formwork carpenter, technician, and supervisor. The diploma course is a great way for aspiring construction professionals to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their careers.

What does the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) cover?

The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) covers a range of skills and knowledge which are essential to working effectively in the construction sector. Students will learn how to safely create, install and dismantle formwork and falsework structures, including horizontal and vertical shutters, columns, beams, suspended floors and more. They will be taught how to interpret technical drawings and develop practical solutions to complex formwork designs. Students will also learn about health and safety regulations, risk assessments, and the importance of effective communication within a construction team. By completing this diploma, students will have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to work confidently as a formwork technician within the construction industry.

How is the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) assessed?

The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) is assessed through a combination of practical observations and written evidence. The candidate must perform a range of tasks that demonstrate their competency in constructing and installing formwork for reinforced concrete structures. These tasks are observed by a qualified assessor who provides feedback and guidance. Additionally, the candidate must produce written evidence that shows their understanding of health and safety, communication, and documentation. This evidence can take the form of logbooks, risk assessments, and method statements. The assessment is based on a set of standards outlined in the National Occupational Standards for Formwork (Construction), which cover the knowledge, skills, and understanding required to work competently and safely in this field. The assessor verifies that the candidate meets these standards before awarding the diploma.

What career prospects do I gain after completing the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction)?

Upon completing the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction), individuals can pursue a range of career prospects in the construction industry. A skilled formwork specialist is in high demand, and this qualification can open up career opportunities in the building of structures such as bridges, tunnels, and high-rise buildings. Many construction companies look for workers who possess this qualification, as it demonstrates technical expertise and knowledge in the field of formwork. Job roles for those with this qualification may include formwork carpenter, formwork supervisor, formwork designer or estimator. This vocational qualification also provides a solid foundation for those interested in advancing within the construction industry or pursuing further education in related fields. Graduates may choose to develop additional skills and qualifications in areas such as project management or site engineering. Overall, the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork (Construction) provides a pathway to a rewarding career in the construction industry.