Level 2 NVQ Certificate in
Interior Systems (Construction)


As defined within the RQF Qualifications Framework


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The Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Interior Systems (Construction) qualification provides a nationally recognised qualification for those working in the construction and the built environment sector working across a broad range of areas.

There are 6 specialist pathways:

Pathway 1: Modular Demountable Partitioning
Pathway 2: Operable Partition Systems
Pathway 3: Glass Partition/Internal Screen Systems
Pathway 4: Dry Lining Fixing
Pathway 5: Access Flooring
Pathway 6: Acoustic Floor Installation

Who is the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Interior Systems (Construction) qualification for? 

The qualification is designed for individuals who work in the construction industry and specialise in interior systems such as dry lining, plastering, and partitioning. This qualification is suitable for people who already hold a Level 2 Diploma in an associated trade and want to upgrade their skills and knowledge to become more competent in their role. It is also appropriate for those who have practical experience in this industry but do not hold any formal qualification. This certificate will help candidates develop a range of skills such as planning and organizing work activities, communicating with colleagues and clients, and working in a safe and efficient manner. The qualification is recognized by employers in the construction industry, providing a valuable addition to a CV and improving job prospects.

How long does the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Interior Systems (Construction) last?

The course typically takes about 12 months to complete, depending on the individual's pace of learning and ability to meet the requirements. This course is designed for those who want to develop their skills and knowledge in the construction industry, focusing on the installation of interior systems such as partitions, dry lining, suspended ceilings, and raised access floors. The program covers various aspects of construction including health and safety, communication, technical, and practical skills. Participants can choose between full-time or part-time study options, and the program is flexible enough to accommodate people with busy work schedules or other commitments. After successfully completing the course, participants will have a nationally recognized qualification that will help them to progress in their career.

What does the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Interior Systems (Construction) cover?

The course covers an extensive range of skills and knowledge required for working in the interior systems construction industry. The qualification aims to provide learners with expertise in areas such as installing drywall systems, suspended ceiling systems, and partition systems. Additionally, students will learn how to solve complicated issues related to construction, effectively communication with clients, and complete quality control tests. They will also be familiar with essential health and safety regulations and procedures that they need to follow. To obtain this certificate, learners must complete a combination of practical assessments and course work, designed to solidify their knowledge and skills for work within the industry. Ultimately, the course is an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to establish a career in the construction industry.

How is the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Interior Systems (Construction) assessed? 

The learning outcomes are assessed through a combination of on-site observations and evidence-based assessments. A qualified assessor will observe the candidate's practical skills in a real working environment, such as measuring and cutting materials, installing drywall, and hanging ceiling systems. The assessor will also assess the candidate's knowledge and understanding of the interior systems construction industry through written assessments, professional discussion, and reviewing work products. The candidate will need to demonstrate their ability to complete tasks to industry standards, adhere to health and safety guidelines, and work effectively as part of a team. The assessor will use a standard set of assessment criteria to determine whether the candidate has met the level 2 standard. Once the candidate successfully completes the assessment, they will achieve a nationally recognized certificate, demonstrating their competence in interior systems construction.

What career prospects do I gain after completing the Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Interior Systems (Construction)? 

Completing the course opens doors to a range of career prospects in the construction industry. Graduates can work as dry liners, carpenters, plasterers, and other related roles. They can also work in various establishments, such as commercial buildings, public buildings, and residential house building sites. In addition, the certificate enables individuals to continue their education and training in the industry. As the construction industry is always in high demand, graduates with this certification are likely to be in demand too. The sector offers an attractive salary package and ample progression opportunities. Therefore, investing in this certification can be a significant step towards a successful construction career.