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What is a National insurance Number?

N.I.No (National Insurance Number) is a unique identification number that centralizes all the social contributions paid in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is required for the persons engaged as an employee or self-employed and for those applying for social contributory or non-contributory benefits in the UK. The number consists of two starting letters, six numbers and an ending letter (for example, AB 123 456 C). You must not let anyone else use your number.

Why do I need a N.I.No?

All persons who intend to work or study in the UK must have a National Insurance Number – (or N.I.No. as it is commonly referred to). This number allows an employer to pay its employees legally for their work and deduct the correct amount of tax. National Insurance Number is essential to work in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. All the applicants are required by employers to provide their National Insurance Number before hiring.

How do I get National Insurance Number?

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