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An LTD or a Limited Company is the most encountered form of private society. Its main characteristics consist of the limited liability which is isolated from those who own or manage the company. Moreover, the LTD is owned by 1 or more directors, whose liability, should they declare insolvency, is dependent on the number of shares and their value.

We have been accredited by the HMRC to offer LTD set up assistance and proudly hold the ’Trust or Company Service Providers’ title. We have expertise in opening LTDs, with our activity being overseen by over 450 businesspeople. Our aim is to handle the tax and accountancy stress while leaving our clients with more time to run their business.

If you need to register a new business, we can help you with the entire process including opening a business account, so you have a good start!

Documents required:

  • Name of Business ( needs to be unique)
  • Director(s) complete details
  • The Office Address
  • Brief description of business activities
  • Complete Contact Details
  • Open Business Bank Account

Procedures followed:

  • Apply for Corporation Tax
  • Apply for PAYE (if you have employees)
  • Apply for CIS (for construction activities)
  • Apply for VAT (if applicable)
  • Setting up all documents
  • Get authorized by your accountant

Annual accounts

Whether you’re Self-Employed, a Partnership, or a Company, you have the obligation to prepare and submit the annual accounts.

If you run your business through a limited company, then Companies House will set your year-end as a year after the end of the month in which you created the company.

We’ll file all your accounts, there’s just a couple of things you’ll need to get together for us…

  • Your sales invoices or details of your sales
  • Find all the paperwork for your purchases and expenses
  • Gather your business bank statements for the year

Annual closing is a very complex subject, and for that reason, profound knowledge of the accounting rules, regulations, and standards in effect is needed.

Our team will offer you Year End Accounts services at the most competitive prices.

What we do for you:

  • We do the bookkeeping to ensure it’s complete and ready to go
  • We then crunch all the necessary figuresCards4jobs - Construction Industry Training Courses
  • Turn these figures into a full set of accounts
  • Follow with a very thorough checking
  • Produce the tax return
  • Send it over to you to check and sign off
  • Submit everything to HMRC and Companies House for you


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Bookkeeping means the chronological registering of every financial transaction and is an important part of the entire accountancy process!

No matter the organization type you decide to adopt – Self-Employed, LTD, or Partnership – The law obligates us to register the activity chronologically, in specific reports for every activity field.

For that reason, Emilia Accountancy LTD offers you bookkeeping services at the most competitive and affordable fees on the market. We combine our team’s experience and professionalism with advanced techniques and fast services, in order to obtain the best results for your business.

Collaborating with Emilia Accountancy LTD will save you a large amount of precious time which you can use more favorably to manage your business or enjoy the company of your family.



Cards4jobs - Construction Industry Training CoursesAnnual closing is a very complex subject, and for that reason, profound knowledge of the accounting rules, regulations, and standards in effect is needed.

Our team will offer you Year End Accounts services at the most competitive prices.

Our fees are some of the most competitive with flexible pricing options, with an ideal price-quality ratio!

We understand that every business is unique, needing a different approach every time in order to organize its transactions efficiently and precisely. We assign attention to every detail, for the registered data’s guaranteed accuracy. With the help of our Bookkeeping services, registering errors will be non-existent.

Whether you want accounting or bookkeeping services for every type of organization, we are the ideal solution!

Our mission is to execute our services with great precision, ensuring the legality and success of your company. For the best Bookkeeping services on the market, please contact us.

Corporation Tax

Cards4jobs - Construction Industry Training CoursesThe profit of every commercial society that executes its activity in the UK will be subject to a Corporate Tax. A company’s profit is the difference between the total taxable income and the total deductible costs in the reporting period, which is currently the calendar year. There is a tax on the profit, currently 20%, which is called corporation tax.

Through the Corporation Tax, you are obligated to declare all your costs and incomes if you own:

  • a limited company (PLC);
  • any foreign company with a branch or office in England;
  • a club, a cooperative, or an unincorporated association, such as a community group or a sports club.

After you have submitted the declaration, you are obligated to pay the resulting tax. Whether you’re a large or small company, our team is always ready to offer you the support needed to declare and pay the owed taxes in an easy, useful, and profitable way.

Let us take care of the numbers. Your company’s long term success is guaranteed.


Cards4jobs - Construction Industry Training CoursesWe will take care of your employees by creating all the papers necessary to pay them and your taxes. Emilia Accountancy LTD is an accounting firm, dedicated to offering you fully custom Payroll services for your business, at the lowest prices.

Our offered Payroll services are:

  • Monthly/weekly payroll services
  • P45, P46, P38(S)
  • P14/P60/P35
  • End of year processing, P11D

We truly believe that employees are the most important asset of a company. By paying them precisely and quickly, you are ensuring them a motivating and productive workplace.

VAT Returns

Cards4jobs - Construction Industry Training CoursesEvery business that exceeds the fiscal value limit imposed by the HMRC is obligated to declare itself as a VAT payer and therefore submit themselves to receive a VAT number.

We can help you fulfill your responsibilities according to the VAT legislation, always being up to date with all the occurring modifications.

Emilia Accountancy LTD can take over all your VAT-related responsibilities, saving you useless sanctions, time, stress, and money!

In order to collaborate with us, see what VAT scheme you are eligible for, and receive professional help relating VAT submission, payment, administration, and all the necessary advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Together we will check the VAT schemes you are eligible to see if or which of these schemes are the best for you.

VAT registration delays, declaration errors, and delayed payments can generate huge penalties and interests.

VAT Return is the mandatory declaration of all incomes and costs, whether they carry VAT or not. It is submitted quarterly or annually at the HMRC, depending on the chosen period and the specifics of your activity. Following this declaration, the payable or receivable VAT is determined.

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