DBS Check

DBS Check

What is a DBS check?

DBS (previously known as CRB) is Disclosure and Barring Service consists of a screening of your personal background in the UK. Most of the times, employers will require a DBS check to be carried out to make sure that you meet the legal criteria outlined in the job position they are looking to fill.

In what situations will a DBS check be carried out?

  • when a job requires you to look after children, the elderly or people suffering from disabilities;
  • when the job you are applying for in the Security Sector;
  • when you want to enrol in a course provided by a college or university.

How many types of DBS check are there?

1. Basic DBS Check (Disclosure Scotland) – a general background screening that can apply to all individuals, independent from the type of job they apply for

2. Standard DBS Check – called for when a job requires caring for children or vulnerable adults. This type of DBS check looks to reveal any convictions, prohibitions or warnings linked to an individual. It could also be prescribed if the job at hand is in the legal or accounting area.

3. Enhanced DBS Check – characterised by in-depth scrutiny. This type of DBS check is performed when the employer wants the criminal background of an individual and will, therefore liaise with state institutions, such as Local or National Police. It will show if the candidate for a job is on the list of people barred from doing the role. It is mainly carried out when a job requires caring for children or vulnerable adults. An Enhanced DBS check may also be called for when a judicial audience is needed.

How long does a DBS Check take?

Basic DBS Check (Disclosure Scotland) – up to 10 working days

Standard DBS Check – up to 14 working days

Enhanced DBS Check – between 14 and 21 working days

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