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Your CV is the first impression you leave your employer with. We can help you make sure it’s not the last one too, and that you get the chance to impress your future employer even more in the interview. That being said, sometimes as little as 5% of the applicants get past the CV stage, which is why it is crucial your work experience is presented in the best possible way.

Our promise to you:

  • we will write your CV at standards sought after by employers
  • we will present you with the first draft within 3 days and have the final version sent to you both by e-mail and post in 5 colour copies

Cost: £45

The Covering Letter

Now that we’ve got the CV part out of the way, let’s focus on your covering letter. We have already established that your CV is tremendously important when it comes to securing an interview. However, a cover letter can just make the difference between you meeting your possible employer face-to-face or not. 9 out of 10 times, the cover letter is the contributing factor to you getting an interview.

The Covering Letter is your opportunity to explain the employer exactly how the work experience comprised in your CV makes you the right candidate. It is also a great chance to show a bit of your personality, which is not possible in your CV. 

Our promise to you:

  • we will write your personalised cover letter in a way that highlights your qualities, skills and knowledge
  • we will deliver the final version to you both by e-mail and post in 5 printed colour copies
  • we will also put together a number of possible questions you may get asked at the interview plus our best possible answers to get you as prepared as possible for the big day

Cost: £20

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